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Under Construction 4/20

Construction Pardon the minimalist view of my blog at the moment, going a transition from hosting servers and a complete rework as well. More soon.


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Geoscience, unmanned aerial systems, & geographic information systems by day, hardware hacking, 3D printing, & race cars by night.

  I'm Clay. 

This is my blog & portfolio; you'll find posts on my work, photos I've taken, & a bit about me.





Researching the Bear River in ID, UT, & WY to constrain sediment signal propagation through this extensional system by utilizing ditrital zircons, optically stimulated luminescence, & infra-red stimulated luminescence as sediment tracers. Creating some mini python & matlab programs to solve my homework. Formerly a full-time photographer.


Tearing down vintage electronic to repair or reuse, documenting the process along the way. Photographing and working pit crew for a friends automotive racing team whenever I can. Learning linux by distro-hopping; on manjaro currently. More in the hidden blog attached to this site.