I'm Clay. 

A recent graduate of Utah State University (BS in Geoscience and minors in Electrical Engineering and Unmanned Aerial Systems) who enjoys rock climbing, photography, and building things.  

I occasionally write on this blog as a way to organize my thoughts, keep track of my personal progress in projects, and record adventures. This has waned in recent years as I finished up my degree and devoted more time to another project...

As I grew up with Crohn's disease, I have wanted to create a site that helps others learn how to work within their limitations from chronic illness to still live an adventurous life. When I was first diagnosed, I ignored the fact that my body operated differently than a "normal, healthy" person- trying to keep up with friends, family in the same ways they did. After struggling through many hospitalizations, every medication available, and college, I've learned how to adapt the lifestyle I want to the way my body works. Look for ClimbingCrohns in the near future.