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Autonomous FPV Drone Build Log

Fun Classwork : Combining an Autonomous Flight Controller with an FPV Style Drone  Fall 2020 has been off to a rough start with covid-19 restrictions and unrelated personal medical emergencies that caused a late start to my semester. Fortunately the university was prepared for virtual courses because of covid, so I got lucky between accommodating professors and a situation that was already setup for my situation.  Anyway, this drone sensors course has been a fun break from some intense classes. The goal here is to build an autonomous drone using the Ardupilot software. Students can choose to use S500 style drone parts from the university or buy their own drone to build. I chose an FPV style drone, the Xilo Phreakstyle Bardwell edition. This kit was chosen because it would be my first FPV build and it allowed me to be lazy. Or so I thought... As it turned out, replacing the Xilo F4  FC with the Pixhawk mini 3DR added a lot of problem solving to this build. Lets get into it... What I pla