On the State of HW

Geoscience Programming

With the COVID-19 self-quarantining deep in effect, I gave myself a goal: create mini programs to solve my homework. Why? Because I noticed in my hydrogeologic field methods course, before the pandemic, that it was simpler to write one program to solve a series of problems than to redo calculations ad nauseam. So if "complex" or repetitive calculations are involved, then code. I'd like to say I'm fluent enough in python to make quick work of this; however, it seems I'm a bit rusty, so I've been using matlab as I brush up in my spare time.

Current programs


Step-Drawdown Test
Matlab .m file that calculates Transmissivity from Discharge, Drawdown, and time using the Rorabaugh (1953) method of analyzing step-drawdown tests. My program uses three steps and takes Q in gpm, s in ft, & t in hours. Uses a checksum to verify calculations and then appends data to an excel file.

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Transmissivity Calculations
In progress, will update when published on github...

Structural Geology:

Mohr Circle Calculations
Matlab .m file that calculates σn and σs when given two planes on the Mohr circle. It als ofinds the center and radius (max shear stress) of the Mohr circle. This one gave me some errors when using the solve function in matlab, changed one instance that used it, doing the math by hand instead. So if finding errors in your calculations, try changing the first solve instance. If that doesn't do it, blame my math. Either way, please send me a copy of the error and how to reproduce so I can attempt to fix. I'll update this paragraph with any changes.

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