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On the State of HW

Geoscience Programming With the COVID-19 self-quarantining deep in effect, I gave myself a goal: create mini programs to solve my homework. Why? Because I noticed in my hydrogeologic field methods course, before the pandemic, that it was simpler to write one program to solve a series of problems than to redo calculations ad nauseam. So if "complex" or repetitive calculations are involved, then code. I'd like to say I'm fluent enough in python to make quick work of this; however, it seems I'm a bit rusty, so I've been using matlab as I brush up in my spare time. Current programs Hydrogeology:  Step-Drawdown Test Matlab .m file that calculates Transmissivity from Discharge, Drawdown, and time using the Rorabaugh (1953) method of analyzing step-drawdown tests. My program uses three steps and takes Q in gpm, s in ft, & t in hours. Uses a checksum to verify calculations and then appends data to an excel file. GitHub Link    Transmissivity Calcul

Mitsubishi MP 286L Laptop Teardown

Mid-quarantine project : teardown & documentation of 1989 laptop Much in the style of iFixit, but with my commentary, herein is the documentation of a 1989 Mitsubishi MP 286L laptop. Affectionately referred to online as a luggable , this laptop contained a few fun parts I'd not seen in a laptop before [MiniScribe HDD, whole PSU, full size mechanical keyboard]. I'll talk about the parts, process, useful sites on finding info on old electronics, and most likely pose a few questions as the documentation goes along. Tools: (1) screwdriver [phillips #0] (1) pry tool [any] Rule of thumb for screws : the pointy ones go in plastic and the machine screws connect metal parts. The case: This laptop was given to me from a family member and I've lugged it around for at least 5 years now. It was kept because of its [now] unconventional shell, which I plan on modifying into a cyberdeck build. If you've not heard of a cyberdeck, they fun builds you should check out. Part of my hope