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Adv Log: Grand Teton

The Grand Teton A two day summit attempt What's up clay? Tyler and I are going to climb the grand teton tomorrow and Friday. We have a permit for 5 people and our one roommate just backed out so there's an open spot. Would you want to come?  - Jason @ 18:55 Wednesday July 31st, 2019 6:30 the next day I was loading my pack into a minivan with a cold cup of leftover coffee in my hand, wondering if I was ready for this. The Grand Teton is a 13,775 ft / 4199 m tall mountain in NW Wyoming; famed for looking super cool especially from the right angle, being the second tallest peak in the state, and have sections with a technical (read: roped up climbing) ascent. My highest peak to date. About 9:30 we rolled into the ranger station to check in for our backcountry camping permit and get bear cans. In the ranger station is a board with climbing gear attached and a scary story of a group who got struck by lightning. The gear is a combination of melted and broken