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Intro to GIS

Geographic Information Systems (&/or Science) is art and methods of representing data as it relates spatially. This is most commonly done via maps and they're quite literally everywhere. Eg. On the news showing political representations, in parks showing location data of landmarks, in your realtors office, everywhere. Which is why I was so shocked when I found out about this field, I had never heard of GIS or any of this before, yet I'd see its work almost everyday. So without further ado, here are some basic examples I've created so far this year in my introductory course to the GIS software by ESRI, ArcMap. As you can see, this is a super basic map and without a doubt sucks. However, this "project" was a useful tool in teaching about the differences in projections. If you know the geography of the States, then you know Colorado is a simple square. This map shows how even similar projections can vary. You can see in the "UTM Coordinate Systems Zone 13&qu