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Construction Pardon the minimalist view of my blog at the moment, going a transition from hosting servers and a complete rework as well. More soon.

On the State of HW

Geoscience Programming With the COVID-19 self-quarantining deep in effect, I gave myself a goal: create mini programs to solve my homework. Why? Because I noticed in my hydrogeologic field methods course, before the pandemic, that it was simpler to write one program to solve a series of problems than to redo calculations ad nauseam. So if "complex" or repetitive calculations are involved, then code. I'd like to say I'm fluent enough in python to make quick work of this; however, it seems I'm a bit rusty, so I've been using matlab as I brush up in my spare time.

Current programs Hydrogeology: Step-Drawdown Test
Matlab .m file that calculates Transmissivity from Discharge, Drawdown, and time using the Rorabaugh (1953) method of analyzing step-drawdown tests. My program uses three steps and takes Q in gpm, s in ft, & t in hours. Uses a checksum to verify calculations and then appends data to an excel file.

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Transmissivity Calculations
In progress, …

Adv Log: Grand Teton

The Grand Teton A two day summit attempt What's up clay? Tyler and I are going to climb the grand teton tomorrow and Friday. We have a permit for 5 people and our one roommate just backed out so there's an open spot. Would you want to come? 
- Jason @ 18:55 Wednesday July 31st, 2019 6:30 the next day I was loading my pack into a minivan with a cold cup of leftover coffee in my hand, wondering if I was ready for this. The Grand Teton is a 13,775 ft / 4199 m tall mountain in NW Wyoming; famed for looking super cool especially from the right angle, being the second tallest peak in the state, and have sections with a technical (read: roped up climbing) ascent. My highest peak to date.

About 9:30 we rolled into the ranger station to check in for our backcountry camping permit and get bear cans. In the ranger station is a board with climbing gear attached and a scary story of a group who got struck by lightning. The gear is a combination of melted and broken, showing ju…